K.I. Borghesi | About
This is the official website of artist Katia Borghesi. Here you can find her recent work, view her portfolio and find contact information.
Katia Borghesi, artist, The Hague, Den Haag, French, Paris, 19th october
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Katia Borghesi is a painter. Her current medium of choice is oil on board and canvas. She paints from life and if she can’t find her subject in nature, she constructs it and then paints it.
She spent years working in offices, during which time she never produced anything of her own. Yet, she comes from a long line of makers: her father, like his father, was a Tuscan master molder.
One day, she realised time had come and spent the next three years learning to free her hands and eyes. She then was accepted at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where she graduated, in 2016.
Series, repetitions, iterations are unavoidable professional deformations acquired in years of pushing piles of paper and putting order in other people’s thoughts.
She is now climbing out of the box.